Hello! We are Paul and Tania Milkin. These are our pages.They reflect our world and our lifestyle. We will be glad if you find here something interesting for youself. We are fond of mountains, we travel and photograph a lot, read and sometimes write. And we believe that the most important thing in this world is Kindness.

We live in New Zealand, it is really beautiful country. Come to visit us or at least visit this link - Aotearoa - Land of Long White Cloud

We are fond of the Nature. I mean we really love it, more than anything else in the world! Especially mountains. Visit this link to learn What Mountains mean for us

Staying at home it is difficult to profess this passion to Nature. No wonder then, that we travel a great deal. Generally, in the car, on the bike or just walking. Here you will find the reports and stories about some of Our Trips

After our first trip to mountains Paul developed the films and contracted serious illness called Passion for Photography. This section harbours many of our best pictures.

Occasionally Paul finds himself obsessed with inspiration and typing something on keyboard. The rare outcome could be read here - Writing and Reading.

new! We try to care about people. Our special concern are the people of Tibet. This page is devoted to the Tibetans, the Dalai-Lama and Buddhism.

We have got two great kids - Denis and Maria. This section is about them

Denis is 15 year old. He is keen sportsman with running and, swimming being his favorite sports. He also is quite gifted magician. Here is his page - Denis

Maria in her 10 devotes much of her time to ballet, kung-fu, netball, reading and writing stories. Her drawings are also not bad. Her page is here - Maria.


30.07.07 new!

Six weeks ago we took a week off and drove up to Auckland where we attended the Dalai-Lama public talks and teachings. Though His Holiness was not talking about his homeland at all, this event urged me to launch the long planned page devoted to the people of Tibet and the Dalai-Lama. Please visit it now!

In January 2006 we did a wonderful sea whale watching trip in Kaikoura. The experience was unforgetable, and the wild life problems came suddenly into focus. Right after disembarking we signed the petition to Japanese government to stop whaling for so-called scientific purposes. They didn't of course. Why I am talking whales today, 9 months after that trip? Because the breaking news is that Iceland announced today the launch of whaling, thus breaking international ban of whaling which prevented everyone to kill the whales for two decades. At least the Icelanders are honest - they do not hide behind the science, they openly admit that they are just hungry, and they want to eat those whales. Could we do something about it? Maybe not. But the world changes due to wee efforts of millions - please sign that petition against whaling here! Please!


So called Ghost of Brocken. Whatever philosophical thoughts this blend of light and shadow may cause one thing is clear - it could be only experienced on high mountain ridge. The thing is not to lose your mind to anavalanche of emotions!


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22.07.09 new! Pictures from Central Plateau of North Island, featuring the ascent of Mt.Ruapehu are added. Enjoy!


22.05.09 new! As a 15th B-Day present our son Denis has finally got his own photo-album on our web-site.


16.05.09 new! Some pictures from the one day trip to the Mt Aicken summit (1859m) in Arthurs Pass NP.


22.04.08. new! New pictures from a three day tramping and kayaking trip in Fiordland!



13.01.08 New pictures from our New Year family trip to Hopkins river valley near Lake Ohau!



12.01.08 Another ascent of MtLyford, this time a whole family event.




11.12.08 new! In September and October 2007 Paul has made 6800km long trip around New Zealand with some overseas mates. Biking, tramping, knee deep snow climbing, kayaking, caving - we had it all! More than 200 pictures in this gallery!


30.07.07. new! New project just launched - a small sub-page devoted to the Dalai-Lama and the people of Tibet. Please have a look!

07.07.07 new! After few very busy weeks we suddenly found ourselves in the midst of the winter, with autumn gone unnoticed for my camera eye. However there were some pictures taken, and now you could see them in our general album, along with some fresh winter shots.

30.06.07 new! 10 days ago we returned from our week long trip to North Island, specially scheduled to attend the Dalai-Lama's public talks and teachings in Auckland. On the way up and down we spent most of the time visiting natural attractions of North Island - thermal areas, buried village, caves etc. There are some pictures from that winter trip.

02.05.07 new! Pictures of relaxing traverse of Mount Lyford.



16.04.07 new! New pictures from Mueller Hut trip, where we spent a night and climbed MtOllivier afterwards. Beautiful views of MtCook from up there.


01.04.07 new! Last weekend Paul with his friend Alex ascended the Terrible Knob (1729m) that commands the views across Hurunui river and Lake Sumner. Here are some pictures from the trip.


31.03.07. new! Some new pictures in General Album. Kids, Lolly, hills, surf...



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